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July 8 to 11, 2001.

with the chess club "Echiquier Hyérois".


Our club l'Echiquier Hyérois (Hyères Chess Club) was chosen by the French Chess Federation for our reputation in organising this type of meeting. We will be happy to receive you for these two great sporting manifestations of the new century in our town of Hyères. The two tournaments will take place in the new installations at the “Forum du Casino des Palmiers”. This magnificent building , in the heart of the town, was finished in 1999, with a surface area of more than 4000 m², entirely carpeted, air-conditioned, it is equipped with the latest in technology.

The two competitions will take place at the same time as our « 1st International Summer Tournament of the 21st century ». This open will give the children an opportunity to frequent many Masters and Grandmasters from around the world. They will also have the possibility to meet several French Youth Champions, accompanied by one of our National Coaches, who will be coming to train for the World and European Youth Championships.

L'échiquier hyérois has already organised some great chess events, international tournaments and the French Youth Championship which regrouped 3200 people including 900 players.

The club is one the best in France with over 1000 members (99% juniors) in its best years. Several of our players have won or placed second in the French Youth Championships.

It’s for those reasons that the

French Chess Federation has conferred to us THE FABER CUP and THE GLORNEY CUP of the new century. Mailto :


LE CONSEIL GENERAL DU VAR LE COMITE VAROIS DES ECHECS. LA VILLE AUX PLUS DE 1000 JOUEURS D'ECHECS Le ministère de la jeunesse et des sports Le Conseil Régional PACA




July 8 to 11, 2001.



The Glorney Cup is for teams of five boys. The Faber Cup is for teams of three girls. All players must be aged under 18 on 1st of January 2001(i.e. date of birth 1983 or later). Each tournament is held over five rounds and the eight invited countries are Belgium, Czech Republic, England, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland and Wales.

Teams would most likely arrive on the afternoon of Saturday July the 7th and depart on the afternoon of Wednesday, July the 11th. Full board and lodging is provided for each team plus one team manager for these days, however it is possible to stay an extra night and leave on Thursday morning. The federations pay for this extra night, and also for any extra accompanying people.

Following the recommendations of the French Chess Federation, the dates, in the first half of July, have been chosen bearing in mind 3 concerns : Peak of the season between 15th of July and 15th of August meaning problems to find accommodation facilities at that time in the French Riviera, one Saturday night on the spot to ease the process of getting cheaper Airfares, and eventually, not to clash with the European Junior in Patras from July the 15th till the 28th.

We will receive you at your arrival at the Hyères train station or at the Airport of Hyères and bring you to your lodging which is five minutes walk from the playing hall. For any teams arriving by a different route, the meeting place is the “Forum du Casino des Palmiers”.

We remind you that each country is required to contribute £300 sterling to the host nation. Team managers should bring this with them.

Please give us the following information:

1. Place of arrival : Hyères Train Station or Hyères Airport.

1a.Your arrival time :_______________________________________.

2.Date and time of departure :_______________________________.

2a.Return from: Hyères Train Station or Hyères Airport.

3. The price of complete lodging for additional people :

3a. By day and by person : 290,00 FF x ___days x ____persons = ______ FF.

4. L'échiquier hyérois takes in charge the four nights (7th to 11th), it is possible for you to be lodged for an extra night (12th to 13th) at the price of 240,00 FF by person including the Wednesday evening meal.

4a. 240,00 FF x _________persons = _________ FF. Mailto :






IMPORTANT : In the parents’ absence, if there is a medical incident, I authorise the organiser to choose a doctor to treat my son or my daughter and I authorise this person to make the necessary decisions.

Person to contact in case of problem :

Name : _____________________________Telephone : ________________ _____.

Known allergies :_____________________________________________________.

Other useful information or details :______________________________________.


At :________________. Date: ____/____/____. Name: __ ____________ ____ ___.

Signature :



These forms to be filled in and returned before the 15th of June to the following address :

- Échiquier Hyérois - 4, Bd. Pasteur - 83.400 Hyères (France) - Mailto :

French Chess Federation telephone in case of emergency : (33) 4 67-60-02-26

French Chess Federation telephone in case of emergency : (33) 4 67-60-02-26






Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
  9h00 - 13h00   8h00 - 12h00
15h00 - 19h00 15h30 -19h30 15h00 – 19h00

Closing ceremony. 12h15


1. There will be an analysis room.

2. The rest and relaxation rooms will be indicated when you arrive.

3. The meals are taken at your place of lodging.

The town :

Hyères is the capital of the region Provence d’azur. You can wander our picturesque streets which are lined with sidewalk vendors of the scents of Provence. Favoured by it’s climate, Hyères can receive all year: congress’, seminars, groups and associations. A brilliant and friendly town, with a mild and healthy climate, Hyères was host at the beginning of the century, to wintering celebrities, which stayed on, and left for posterity, prestigious palaces and villas. Here time is suspended, following in the footsteps of Lamartine, Queen Victoria, Alexis Godillot, Michelet, Stevenson and Tolstoy.

The seaside :

For those who love the seaside… They will have the possibility to take the bus from the station which is located at a few meters from your lodging, to go swimming in the most beautiful of the French seas…the Mediterranean. Take a tour of the peninsula of Giens (in the photo below). Or discover after a twenty minute boat ride, the famous Golden Islands: Porquerolles, Port-Cros and l'île du Levant.





Country: _____________________________________________________________


Contact ____________________________________Telephone_________________

Address _____________________________________________________________



__________________________________________ Telephone_________________



1 _________________________________________________ Rating __________

2 _________________________________________________ Rating __________

3 _________________________________________________ Rating __________

4 _________________________________________________ Rating __________

5 _________________________________________________ Rating __________



1 _________________________________________________ Rating __________

2 _________________________________________________ Rating __________

3 _________________________________________________ Rating __________


These forms to be filled in and returned before the 15st of June to the following addresses :

Échiquier Hyérois
4, Bd. Pasteur 83.400 Hyères (France)


or by mail, which is the E.C.U approved standard way of communication to :

Mailto :



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